2022-05-04The New Generation Rapid Grinders Are the Basis of the Circular Economy - Cheap Maintenance Pays Off Soon

The New Generation Rapid Grinders Are the Basis of the Circular Economy - Cheap Maintenance Pays Off Soon

In 20 years, the Swedish Rapid, which is considered an absolute market pioneer, has not had such a significant development as the one announced at the 2019 K-show. The small OneCUT PRO is not only economical, but also reinterprets in-house industrial plastic recycling, as the local solution means better quality and less work compared to central grinding. – We are talking about the highest quality plastic grinders, which of course have to be paid for, but it all pays off quickly, as the machine can consume up to 80 percent less compared to the previous Rapid grinders! - pointed out the managing director of Thege-Plastic Kft. It cannot be neglected that up to 40 percent non-refundable subsidy is available for the new machines, for which our company provides full assistance, added István Konkoly-Thege.

Interview with István Konkoly-Thege in Polimerek Magazine.

The creator of the genre, Rapid, presented a development unseen in 20 years in the field of slow-speed grinders. By purchasing OneCUT PRO, which was presented at the largest plastic industry trade fair, "we get less dirt, less noise, less energy consumption and significant operational advantages". The company's promises are achieved with the Rapid FlexiSPEED system by moving away from the standard 25 rpm.

Rapid has always been at the forefront of innovation

– As the market leader, we wanted to know why no one has questioned the standard of 25 rpm for slow-speed grinders. Therefore, based on the properties of various plastics, we started testing and optimizing the speed, said the CEO of Rapid, Bengt Rimark. The result of the research led to the fact that the machines can produce up to 40 percent deceleration/acceleration (15-35 rpm) on demand.

When grinding more brittle materials, it became clear that a better quality can be obtained by slowing down the speed, and in addition, less dust was generated. It naturally follows from this that less new plastic must be used for the production of new products, because we can mix back more grinds, which also contributes to shortening the payback and minimizing the environmental impact. Thanks to the lower speed, noise pollution has also been reduced significantly, by up to 50 percent. Of course, the energy demand of the machine was not that high either, the power consumption could be reduced by up to 40 percent at 15 rpm.

Environmental protection and profitability go hand in hand with Rapid

The above development is just one of the innovations of the Swedish manufacturer committed to environmental protection, which helps to reduce electricity consumption and improve profitability. Thanks to the revolutionary Rapid EnergySMART system, such a grinder consumes up to 80 percent less than previous models. It should be emphasized here that the company has always placed great emphasis on environmental protection during its developments, so compared to competing machines, consumption can be reduced by more than 80 percent. Thanks to the Rapid Stop & GO mode, as the name suggests, OneCUT PRO stops completely when there is no work to do, like the engine of a modern car at a red light. The increased work volume can be helped by increasing the speed.

Swedish design in the service of usability and safety

According to experience, the frequency converter speed control not only improves the quality of the obtained granules, reduces the noise level and power consumption, but also extends the life of the machine. - We have been partners of Rapid for more than twenty years, during which time we have gained an outstanding amount of experience in commissioning and servicing their machines in Hungary, the latter of which fortunately is rarely needed thanks to the world-class Swedish quality - pointed out István Konkoly-Thege. The managing director of Thege-Plastic Kft. added that the improved version of the Rapid Open Hearted Design (open heart design) can also be found in this machine, thanks to which opening the housing is child's play, so cleaning and replacing the parts is uniquely quick and easy. In the design, the designers paid special attention to safe operation, which also meets the latest European standards (EN 12012-1:2018)!

Rapid OneCUT PRO redefines in-house industrial plastic recycling

The huge advantage of the Rapid OneCUT PRO comes from its size, since it takes up little space, so it can be set up next to any injection molding machine or packaging machine, so the excess plastic can be ground back on site. Compared to central grinding, it can be said that this kind of operation better ensures material quality, since the various granules cannot be mixed, and it is less labor-intensive, since there is no need for transportation. And all of this further shortens the payback period.

Thege-Plastic Kft. helps to draw up a non-refundable subsidy of up to 40 percent

- Grinders are indispensable in modern industry, as there is almost no segment where plastic is not used - drew attention to István Konkoly-Thege. Unfortunately, the majority of the domestic industry is still characterized by the fact that they work with older, therefore more demanding and more polluting machines. Fortunately, both the Hungarian government and the European Union have recognized the necessity of circular economy and environmentally friendly production, which is also reflected in the tenders. The tendering system itself is not yet foolproof, but Thege Plastic Kft. provides comprehensive assistance with more than 40 years of experience in the plastics industry, so we can even help you with the 40 percent non-refundable subsidy.

The article was published in Polimerek Magazin in March 2020. Below the link, we present several types of Rapid grinders.

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